Elevating Brands

Through Creative Partnership + Meaningful Collaborations

Communicate with authenticity, depth and sophisticated simplicity. Call in your tribe. Connect + engage in meaningful ways. Manifest big visions for tiny brand teams and humans. Leave a good-willed impact on the world.

Available for Collaborative Projects + 3 Month / 6 Month / 1 Year Partnerships


Ways to collaborate.

  • Holistic Business Consulting

  • Creative Ideation + Concepts

  • New Product Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Lifestyle + Photography

  • Brand Content Curation + Creation

  • Promotional Design: Flyers, Social Media Graphics, Newsletters, Business Cards

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Management + Client Education

  • Web Development + Design


Lifestyle + Product Photography

Photography is one of the most powerful mediums to tell a story. We humans are visual creatures by nature and a image has the ability to evoke emotion + connection. Hire for: Lifestyle shoots, product + food photography, styling, portraiture + head shots, social media shoots.

Great for: Brands who want to build a library of high-quality images to be used for web, print, flyers, and additional promotional initiatives.

Individuals who want to share their offerings in visually inspiring way.


Social Media + Content Creation

In today’s digital culture, social media a is powerful tool for business to share their mission with the world and connect with their tribe. It is increasingly important for brands to share a cohesive story, rooted in authenticity + integrity. And even more so, engage in a meaningful way + develop long-lasting relationships.

Great for: Small businesses ready to launch an online presence. Brands that are at an inflection point + want to re-energize their online identity. Those who wish to create library branded content for use across online platforms.


Creative Consulting + Strategy

To us everyday folks, the world often feels oversaturated with brands, marketing + messages. The abundance of choice paired with the similarity across category calls for fierce decision-making when choosing the brands you stand by. Simultaneously, folks have accepted that consumerism + advertising is inherent in modern culture. And so, once they find their brands, they will become loyal advocates.

Finding a way to communicate with clarity, simplicity + impact is an art. Together we will weave a brand built on emotional intelligence, deep insight, distinct ideation creation + authentic storytelling that will elevate your brand to its full potential.

Great for: Businesses that need 5’4” human think tank + master organizer + manifestor.

Everyone has a vision that is uniquely their own. All offerings are modified to fit your needs + vision. If you have an idea, a question, or proposal… send me an email!

// Bio //

From Madison Avenue in NC to her neighborhood coffee shop in Berkeley, California, Gaby has spent the past 9 years in the creative field.

During her corporate stint she served as brand consultant for many of the world’s leading companies including Mars, McDonald’s, Halls, PNC Bank, and more. She also led the social media strategy teams for Michelin USA and Planters Peanuts. After years of hustle, she left the corporate world to cultivate balance between her love for creative expression, her desire to understand the human condition, and her wish to do good in this world.

Gaby now works as an independent freelancer with small business and holistic wellness brands that offer their hearts to the people. She does this while teaching yoga and Ayurveda, and facilitating retreats and trainings globally.